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Board appoints interim editor in chief for denominational magazine

Proposal calls for a Banner at every CRC home

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GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan - The editorship of the Christian Reformed monthly magazine The Banner will pass to Rev. R. De Moor on an interim basis later this year. Current editor-in-chief is Rev. J. Suk who has indicated he would like to return to congregational work. Both men served congregations in Canada before taking positions with CRC Publications, and were raised in Dutch-Canadian families.

Rev. De Moor, the current editor-in-chief of Faith Alive, which produces denominational education, worship, and evangelism resources, has been a frequent writer for The Banner. He left his congregation at Langley, B.C., his fourth, for Grand Rapids-based CRC Publications in 1995 and holds his current position since 1996. De Moor was ordained in Alberta, in 1975. Rev. Suk took his position with The Banner in 1993, after serving two congregations. He was ordained in Ontario, in 1985.

The Banner switched first from a weekly to a biweekly publishing schedule some years ago. To control costs with a declining circulation, it appears once a month since last Fall. At a recent CRC Publications board meeting it was decided to recommend to the CRC’s Board of Trustees and Synod The Banner be sent to every CRC home. “CRC Publications believes that a widely read Banner is crucial to retaining and enhancing a strong denominational identity,” the board stated in a press release.

The Banner was founded 138 years ago.