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Boyden’s City Clerk Vanden Brink filled father’s position for 47 years

Job ’only temporarily’ after father’s death

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BOYDEN, Iowa - For over eighty years a Vanden Brink has served as City Clerk of Boyden but on of April 15th this era ended. Logan Vanden Brink who recently retired from his post at age 81, was coaxed into the office of Clerk when his father, Steve, in 1956 suddenly passed away. His son was asked to take over until a new clerk could be found.

Both Vanden Brinks came to the job shortly after their stints in military service. Steve Vanden Brink was hired around 1922. His son Logan also served as secretary of the local public school board for 46 years. Unwillingness to start using computers led to Vander Brink’s decision to pass the torch.

Vanden Brink cites the 1989 Centennial Park and the Demco Community Center as major projects he was involved with during his 47-year tenure. He also continued his father’s insurance business.

Boyden with a population of nearly 700, is located north of Orange City, the seat of Sioux County. The county has a significant Dutch American population since its founding in the 1870s.