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'Spontaneous Recovery' Prompted Switch in Medical Career

Specialist now treats cancer patients with diets and vitamins

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ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands - Rotterdam internist Dr. A.J. Houtsmuller is a picture of health today but sixteen years ago it was a different story. Then, a skin cancer specialist told the Dutch physician that he had only a couple of months to enjoy life before the effects of a spreading melanoma disease would likely overtake matters. The cancer already had spread to one of the kidneys. Houtsmuller, a self-described optimist, instead began to study about his disease and the remaining options he had.

As a specialist in diabetes treatment, Houtsmuller was well aware of the importance of proper nutrition to combat deterioration caused by that disease. In his search for a treatment of his own disease he turned his attention to alternative medicine. Along with German-American physician Gersom, who treated his cancer patients with plenty of whole grain foods and fruits, vegetables and carrot juice, Houtsmuller also the ideas promoted by his Dutch colleague C. Moerman and German surgeon I.M. Issels. Moerman and Issels stressed the need to upgrade one's own immune system to combat diseases and to use a diet to achieve this objective. Another case study was American orthodontist W.D. Kelly who regained his health after he was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. Kelly also used a strict diet.

Houtsmuller prescribed himself a new diet, borrowing ideas from each of the alternative medical practitioners. Additionally, the Rotterdam physician studied psycho-neuro-immunology as presented by Utrecht specialist Prof.Dr. E. Ballieux, who had researched the effect of the mind on hormones and the nerve system. Ballieux concluded that an optimistic person would have a better fighting chance at recovery.

After Houtsmuller began treating himself he noticed over time a change in his urine samples, prompting other specialists to report a 'spontaneous recovery.' Six years ago, Houtsmuller's own specialist declared him fully recovered and no longer in need of medical supervision.

Since then, Houtsmuller has devoted his time to guiding 'incurable' cancer patients and to publish a book on his non-toxic tumor therapy. The recovered melanoma patient warns modern day eating habits are bad for one's health: too much, too often pre-packaged, store bought or take-out dinners, mass-made snacks, and the extensive use of animal fat. Instead, Houtsmuller uses an expanded Moerman diet, suggesting vitamin and mineral supplements, among others, to fight the dreaded disease. For Houtsmuller the number one prerequisite is the patient's willingness to do battle with cancer.

While Houtsmuller uses alternative methods, he does not reject surgery but does not rate radiation and chemotherapy very favourably. In turn, cancer specialists are skeptical about alternative medicine and diets. However, one Nijmegen urologist now advises his prostate cancer patients to adopt the Moerman diet.
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