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Makers of 'Town Talk' Cookies

Michigan landmark bakery destroyed by fire

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SPRING LAKE, Michigan - A stubborn fire in its landmark premises has dealt 96-year-old Braak's Bakery a heavy blow. After the fire, a demolition crew pushed the building's front inward as fire department officials feared its collapse. Residents of the bakery's second-story apartment escaped the blaze without without serious injury.

Equipment from six area fire departments rushed in to battle a fire which proved difficult to put out until a high capacity aerial truck was brought in to lead the fight. Bakery owners had been planning to renovate the 75-year-old building.

The bakery was started by Jacob Braak to produce a popular sugar cookie he peddled door to door, nearly 100 years ago. Braak's at one time had five shops in the area but some were closed when they could not compete with full-service bakeries in supermarket chain stores. The Spring Lake location was still owned by the Braak family. The bakery was a popular gathering place in the village. The building and its classic neon sign heralding 'Town Talk' cookies both were considered landmarks.