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Restored manor to promote legacy post WWII aid package

Dutch bulb growers adopt new Marshall Plan

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LEESBURG, Virginia - The gardens of General George Catlett Marshall's home (Dodona Manor) in Leesburg will be restored to their former splendour thanks to a generous donation of $50,000 by the Dutch province of South Holland. Known for its colourful tulip fields and arboriculture, the province benefited greatly by the Marshall Plan aid of the late 1940s, and is now returning favours by restoring the Marshalls' gardens.

The province will fund the project's while the city of Boskoop, home to numerous shrub and tree growers, will supply the materials for the 3.88 acres estate, as well as its expertise.

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Marshall Plan, a Dutch delegation was on hand when a buxus shrub planting ceremony was held at the Marshall home. Marshall, who settled in Leesburg in 1945 when he retired as U.S. Army Chief of Staff, was appointed U.S. Secretary of State two years later. He announced a massive program of economic assistance on June 5, 1947. The Netherlands, and especially Rotterdam, rebuilt its infrastructure with the aid.

The Dodona Manor restoration plan evolved from successful local efforts to stave of the demolition of Marshall's former home.

Ambassadors of the sixteen European nations which accepted Marshall aid all supported plans to create the George C. Marshall International Center to promote the Marshall Plan legacy. The Center will housed in the general's Leesburg home.

Marshall died October 16, 1959 at the age of 79. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The George C. Marshall International Center can be reached at (703)777-1880.