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Kampen to host Hanse Days in 2017

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KAMPEN - The new Hanseatic League currently has 176 member towns and cities in 16 European countries, making it the largest voluntary association of towns and cities in the world. The members comprise include some of the former large trading warehouse locations such as Novgorod in north-west Russia, as well as some of the smaller trading posts. In medieval times, the Heanseatic League met annually on a “Hanse Day” in order to agree on joint action. The new Hanse has revived this tradition. Every year a different Hanseatic city plays host, enabling members to exchange ideas and experience, make acquaintances and celebrate. In 2012 Lüneburg (Germany) is host from June 28 to July 1, in 2013 Herford (Germany), in 2014 Lübeck (Germany), in 2015 Viljandi (Estonia), in 2016 Bergen (Norway), and in 2017 Kampen (The Netherlands). The Hanse was revived in Zwolle in 1980 and focuses on the idea of reconciliation going beyond borders, and the ideal of a lasting order of peace in Europe. The League negotiated trade deals as far as back as the 1220s but the cities lost influence in the sixteenth century when national entities such as Sweden emerged. Some see the League as an early forerunner to the EU. The German airline Lufthansa has incorporated the Hanse idea in its name.