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Hofman stymied member of investment club

Relation went sour in 1966

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VANCOUVER, BC - The disappearance of the former Certified General Accountant (CGA) Fred S. Hofman of West Vancouver continues to be a serious concern to his former 'clients,' many of whom invested large amounts of money with him. Complaints to the Commercial Crimes Division of the RCM Police after a 22-month period still have not resulted in charges against Hofman.

Hofman, who resigned from the Certified General Accountants Association a number of months before his disappearance in April 1991, left behind dozens of claims that together run into the tens of millions of dollars. The courts awarded many judgments against Hofman and his companies when he failed to appear. The Hofman case also attracted the attention of CTV's investigative program W5 which aired the Hofman file last November. Meanwhile, a former member of a 1965 Hofman-led investment club has come forward with documents on the scheme. The man claims that Hofman stymied his efforts to get a full report on the club's status and an accounting of his $750.00 investment. Efforts to obtain help from others in the community to force Hofman to give a full disclosure received no support from anyone, according to the complainant whose identity is known to staff of the Windmill Herald.