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Burlington councilor Scholtens wins nomination by wide margin

Councilor to run for PC Party

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BURLINGTON, Ontario - Dutch-born Burlington regional councilor Ralph Scholtens has taken the Progressive Conservative (PC) nomination in the new Ontario electoral district of Halton. Scholtens defeated Milton councilor John Challinor in a one-ballot, two-way battle by a margin of 354-197. About 1,600 people attended the nomination meeting.

In his acceptance speech, Scholtens thanked his opponent for helping build the party's local organization and invited him to help turf out the Liberals. Prime Minister Jean Chretien is widely expected to call a general election this year.

During his tenure as councilor, Scholtens became known for articulating strong opinions on a range of issues. In his opening speech he focused on his credentials and experience in government and promised he would fight for restructuring both government and lowering taxes.

The PC Party currently has only two members in the 268* seat House of Commons in Ottawa.