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New DUCA branch adds Burlington to roster

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WILLOWDALE, Ontario - A credit union - DUCA - founded by a group of Dutch immigrants in the Toronto area and grew to become the largest of its kind in the community across Canada, will open a new full-service branch in a Burlington shopping mall on December 11. The location of the new branch was vacated by a chartered bank in 1999. It will be the first branch for DUCA south of Metro Toronto. The cooperative bank operates ten branches within the metro and various satellite towns to the north.

The Burlington/Hamilton area has one of the largest Dutch communities in Canada.

The credit union also announced recently that its trade name has become DUCA Financial Services. The legal name in addition still uses the words, “Credit Union Ltd.” DUCA’s board proposed at its March 2000 annual meeting to adopt a name which better describes its activities, citing continued uncertainty among the public over the meaning of the term Credit Union and the extent of the services DUCA offers. While DUCA retains its origin in the name, the membership base has broadened significantly evolving into a community-wide operation over the years.

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