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Ten Hove’s deli quadruples bakery floor space

Business increased even during renovation

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NORWICH, Ontario - The grand (re)opening of Norwich Deli & Bakery on July 5th, is for its owners Adrian Ten Hove and his wife Lidewy the climax of many years of hard work. They transformed a small deli outlet into a major regional supplier of imported Dutch products and a reputable fresh bakery. Ten Hove who is a baker by trade, introduced his line of bakery products bit by bit.

Along the way of nearly doubling the store’s and quadrupling the bakery’s floor space as well as renovating the building, a surprising thing happened. To Ten Hove’s amazement customers did not seem to mind the inconvenience of work-in-progress and the temporarily fewer products on display. The real surprise to him was that in this unsettling period sales which had been expected to be sluggish, actually increased significantly!

The Ten Hoves used a bakery-marketing firm to help them with the actual design of the business, which provides a practical production flow in the bakery. The building’s exterior now uses the colours blue and cream, which also have been carried over inside. The interior’s wood shelving all was custom built locally.

Norwich Deli & Bakery is Ten Hove’s third business. He started out with his family’s bakery in Dirksland, the Netherlands. After settling in Lethbridge, Alberta he had a bakery there for five years and started the current one in Norwich in 1991.