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Nineteenth century Dutch science teacher Gratama honoured in Japan

Crown Prince unveils statue

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OSAKA, Japan - Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands on an official visit to Japan, has unveiled a statue of 19th century teacher Koenraad Wolter Gratama at the University of Osaka. The ceremony was witnessed by one of Gratama's great-grandsons, Wolter, a Haarlem-based businessman.

Some 150 years ago, Gratama for five years was a Professor of physics and chemistry at the Osaka institution. Honouring Gratama is part of the celebrations in both countries to mark 400 years of relationships between the Netherlands and Japan. The statue was an initiative of current dean Shiba of the University of Osaka.

Gratama in his own country - especially in his hometown of Haarlem - rather was known for being the father of Gerrit, a wellknown painter who became the first director of Haarlem's famed Frans Hals Museum.