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Angry controversial MP chucks disliked sign of protestor

MP's colleagues side with priest

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OTTAWA, Ontario - One of Canada's most controversial politicians owes a persistent anti-abortion and homosexual rights protestor an apology, so say two Members of Parliament. New Democrat MP Svend Robinson drew the ire of the two when he in another confrontation with Roman Catholic priest Tony Van Hee grabbed one of the protestor's provocative signs, tried to crush it before throwing it over a wall.

One of the MPs said Robinson should apologize to Van Hee for interfering with his freedom of speech after having cited Charter of Rights guarantees in support of his own controversial causes for years. Robinson is a long-time champion for freedom of sexual orientation and rights for gays.

Toronto MP Nunziata said he found it annoying that Robinson would attack Van Hee - described as a mild-mannered man - for expressing his views when a lot of people have tolerated Svend's extreme views. MP McTeague also wants Robinson to apologize, not only to Van Hee but also to the House of Commons which guaranteed freedom of speech, and wondered if this right to Robinson is a one-way street.

Van Hee's sign that excited Robinson, read ‘Sexual orientation. Defeat of reason. Protecting disorder’. According to the priest he had been threatened before by Robinson. Nunziata and McTeague support pro-life positions and oppose same-sex marriages.