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Netherlanders very proud of their country and accomplishments

Battle against the water cited most

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AMSTERDAM - It stands to reason that a huge majority of Dutchmen in a recent survey described the Netherlands as ‘a beautiful country.’ One in four people when asked, went so far as to proclaim the country as ‘the best in the world.’

The national pride is expressed most frequently in terms of the Netherlands’ continued fight to control water: the seas, lakes and rivers. This control best expresses itself in hydraulic engineering works such as dikes, dams, bridges, tunnels and drainage works and systems.

The Dutch also are very proud of the many multinationals originating in their country, which are led by flagships such as Philips, Akzo-Nobel, ING, Ahold and Royal Dutch Airlines KLM. Surprisingly, Dutch food ranked almost as high on the list, closely followed by the national wintersport speed skating.

Although an overwhelming majority called the Netherlands the most beautiful country in the world, half of those surveyed feel it needs a huge clean-up and scrubbing.

According to the survey, held shortly after the birth of Princess Catharine-Amalia, her mother Princess Mŕxima now is the most popular member of the Royal family, slightly ahead of Queen Beatrix, the baby’s grandmother.