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Dutch tent maker De Boer wins prestigeous U.S. award

For innovative Delta structure

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada - De Boer Tenten recently was precented the Special Events Magazine Gala Award for the Best Tent Installation of 2003. De Boer, based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, is the world’s largest supplier of temporary accommodation.

Cited for the prize is the company’s modular Delta structure which last year made its first U.S. appearance. Three of the 20-foot-tall structures, each measuring more than 10,000 square feet, were erected in Dayton, Ohio for the two-week “Inventing Flight: Dayton 2003” event celebrating the 100-year anniversary of aviation history and the Wright Brothers. The Dutch tents were used as exhibit pavilions for sponsors Lockheed Martin, Bank One and Lexis Nexis.

Last year as well, De Boer, which has a U.S. office in Atlanta, Georgia (De Boer Vinings LLC), unveiled their biggest tent to date. The New Galaxy spans the size of a soccer field and measures 60 by 107 metres. It was used for the 2003 MTV Awards ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland. This winter, the New Galaxy also received an industry prize: the Tesa 2004 Award from The Events Services Association.

Delta structures can also be seen at Schiphol Airporst Amsterdam as semi-fixed housing for bagage handling.