Drenthe-style waffles


Tags: Beverages & Breakfast

500 grams / 2.2 lbs flour
25 grams /1 oz. yeast
liter / 2 cups milk
350 grams / 13 oz sliced pancetta (rolled Italian bacon)

waffle iron

Sift the flour over a bowl and sprinkle in a dash of salt. Dissolve the yeast in a bit of lukewarm milk. Make an indent in the top of the mound of flour and pour in the dissolved yeast. Starting from the centre, stir the flour and gradually add the rest of the milk. Continue stirring until the batter is smooth. Cover with a damp cloth and set aside in a warm spot to rise.

In a skillet, slowly fry the bacon or pancetta slices. Brush the inside of the waffle iron with butter or pancetta grease and put on a spoonful of the batter together with a slice of pancetta or bacon. Bake the waffles till they are golden brown and put them on a rack to cool and dry. Serve with a butter sauce or thick Dutch stroop.