Summer salad with goat cheese

Zomersalade met geitenkaas

Tags: Fruits & Vegetables

200 grams / 7 oz. goat cheese
7 grams / oz. fresh mint
3 nectarines
4 tbls walnut oil
1 tbsp honey
75 grams / 3 oz. mixed salad
75 grams / 3 oz. fresh rucola
55 grams / 2 oz. walnuts
black pepper

Prepare the goat cheese by cutting it into long slivers of about 1/3 wide. Strip the mint leaves from the sprigs. Peel the nectarines and divide them in segments.

Heat a heavy skillet or stovetop grill pan. Thinly brush the nectarine segments with about 1 tbsp walnut oil. Grill them for a minute each side and take from the pan.

Squeeze the half lemon over a salad bowl, add honey, walnut oil, fresh ground black pepper and salt to taste and whish into a smooth dressing.

Gently fold in the cheese, salad, rucola, mint and walnuts.

Put the salad into four bowls and garnish with the grilled nectarine segments. Serve with a wholewheat baguette and a fruity wine such as Sangria.

Variation: add parts of other fruits, such as slice strawberries, pieces of apple and/or blueberries.