Bread rolls with Groningen sausage

Kadetten met metworst

Tags: Meats & Fish

6 wholewheat bread rolls
1 red pepper
2 Groninger metworst or 1 lb coarse sausage
100 grams / 4 oz medium Gouda cheese
6 tbsp salad dressing, for example raspberry
pinch of powdered cloves
30 grams / 1 oz butter or margarine
100 grams / 4 oz mixed lettuce

Wash and clean the pepper and discard all seeds. Cut the pepper, the sausage and cheese into small cubes and mix these in a bowl with the salad dressing. Add a pinch of cloves.

Open the bread rolls and butter them. Put the lettuce on the bottom halves and divide the cheese/sausage mix over the six other halves. Close the rolls and serve for lunch.