Cheese-and-meat salad


Tags: Fruits & Vegetables Eggs & Cheese

140 grams/5 oz. aged Gouda cheese
115 grams/4 oz. Roquefort cheese
140 grams/5 oz. roast beef or roast pork
115 grams /4 oz. peas
3 tbsp plain yogurt
3 tbsp light mayonaise
clove garlic
dash Tabasco sauce
1 tsp sugar
chopped fresh parsley, thyme, dill
(total 2 tbsp)

Dice the Gouda and thinly slice the Roquefort. Cut the roast beef or pork into strips. Mix it together with the peas.

Make the sauce by mixing the yogurt, mayonaise, herbs, garlic and Tabasco. Add a pinch of sugar.

Put the cheese, meat and peas mix on a platter and pour over the sauce.

Serve with toast rye bread, or a baguette.