Liver and onions

Kalfslever met appel en ui

Tags: Meats & Fish

400 grams veal or pork liver in 4 thin slices
150 grams butter or margarine
2 onions
2 large tart apples

Salt the liver and peel and core the apples. Dredge the apple slices through the flour. Slice the onions and cover them with flour as well. Heat 20 grams of butter in a skillet and when the foam has evaporated, turn down the heat and sautee the onion rings for about 15 minutes.

Take the onions out and keep them warm in the oven or on a ovenproof platter suspended over a pan of boiling water.

Add a tablespoon of butter to the skillet, turn up the heat and fry the apple slices on both sides. Then put the apple slices with the onion rings. Put the rest of the butter in the skillet, dredge the liver through the flour and fry the liver slices on low heat: 4 minutes as side for veal; 8 minutes for pork. When the meat is done, put the slices on a plate and cover with apple and onion slices. Serve with mashed potatoes and red cabbage.