Cod with mustard sauce

Kabeljauw met mosterdsaus

Tags: Meats & Fish

4 cod fillets
80 grams/3 oz. butter
1.5 deciliter/ cup white wine
2 lemons
200 grams/7 oz. mushrooms
8 shallots
1.5 deciliter/ cup whipping cream
1 heaping tbsp mustard
60 grams/2 oz. flour
salt and pepper

Rinse the cod, put the fillets on a large platter and sprinkle them with the juice of lemon. Add salt and pepper and set aside for one hour.

Peel and chop the shallots, clean and slice the mushrooms. Drain the cod, drag the fillets through the flour. Melt most of the butter in a large frying pan and sautee the fillets for about six minutes on each side until they are golden brown.

Chop the parsley and cut one lemon in eight.

Melt the rest of the butter in a small pan and saute the mushrooms.

Put the cod pieces on a large platter and arrange the mushrooms around them. Keep the plate warm in the oven. Add the copped shallots to the butter and flour left from frying the cod. Sautee gently and add the wine, the whipping cream, mustard and the juice of the remaining half lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and use a whisk to thicken the sauce.

Take the plate with cod from the oven, pour over the sauce and garnish with parsley and the lemon parts.

Serve with roasted potatoes and your choice of vegetables.