Dutch quiche


Tags: Desserts & Pies

150 grams flour
75 grams butter

Filling: 500 grams onions
25 grams butter
10 grams flour
salt, pepper
Worcestershire sauce
pinch paprika
2 tbsp cream
1 egg
150 grams grated aged cheese

Mix salt and flour. Cut the butter into the flour. Add 5 tbsp cold water drop-by-drop and mix well. Sprinkle flour on the counter top or cutting board and roll out the dough, folding it twice onto itself. Set it aside for 30 minutes. Again form it into a ball and roll it out a few times. Press the dough into a greased 24 cm (10”) spring- form cake pan.

Thinly slice the onions and gently sauté them for five minutes in the butter till glazed. Sprinkle in the flour, add salt and pepper to taste, and Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and paprika. Mix well while adding the cream, until the mixture is rich and smooth. Add the egg, turn up the heat gently to make the mixture coherent. Lower the heat again and mix in the cheese. 

Allow the mix to cool off a bit and then pour it into the spring- form. Bake the ‘bullevladde’ for one hour in a preheated over at 175ºC/345ºF, until it is golden brown. Take from the spring- form, cut into wedges and serve immediately.