Semolina wedges Beverwijk-style

Beverwijkse ‘crème frieten’

Tags: Breads & Puddings

For 12 pieces:
3/4 liter / 3 cups milk
125 grams semolina
2 pieces orange and / or lemon rind
4 eggs
55 grams / 2oz suga
r 2 sachets vanilla sugar, together ½oz / 10 grams or more
125 grams / 5oz. breadcrumbs
1 tbsp Demarara sugar
100 grams / 4oz butter

Slowly bring the milk and the small citrus pieces or rind to a boil. Sprinkle in the semolina and boil, constantly stirring, till the mass is thick, like pudding. Turn down the heat to simmer. Take out the rind.

Break three eggs in a bowl, add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat frothy. Mix it in with the semolina. Take the pan from the fire and stir the mix for another 30 seconds.

Put a low pudding form under cold water and drain. Dump the semolina in the form and smooth the top. Sprinkle over a teaspoon of sugar to prevent it from getting a skin.

Cover the pudding, allow it to cool and put it in the fridge for two hours. Then cut the pudding in twelve wedges.

Break an egg in a bowl and add a tablespoon of milk. Beat the egg and milk. Put the breadcrumbs in another bowl and fold in the brown sugar. Melt the butter in a saucepan and put into a third bowl.

Dredge the semolina wedges through the egg mix and put them in the bread crums, dipping them thoroughly and firmly. Heat the butter again in a skillet or frying pan and fry the semolina wedges golden brown on all sides.