Filets of Sole

Gebakken scholfilets

Tags: Meats & Fish

8 filets of sole, approx 90 grams each
4 tbsp flour
salt, pepper
1 lemon
6 tbsp mayonnaise
4 sprigs or 2 tsp tarragon
1 tsp dill
tbsp fish spices
50 grams butter or margarine

Wash and scrub the lemon and grate the rind. Squeeze the lemon. Strip the tarragon from the sprigs and finely chop half. Mix mayonnaise with two tablespoons grated lemon rind, add salt and pepper.

Sprinkle the flour on a shallow plate. Sprinkle the filets with dill and fish spices and tap the spices lightly into the fish. Drag the filets through the flour. Shake off surplus flour.

In a large skillet heat half of the butter and fry four filets at a time for about 6 minutes each set of four. Turn the filets over after three minutes. Take from the pan and keep warm by covering the fish with foil.

Put the rest of the lemon juice into the skillet and mix well with the butter/flour pieces. Pour over the fish. Add dollops of the lemon mayonnaise to the side.

Serve with a fresh (tomato) salad and French fries.