Lentil Soup


Tags: Soups & Stews

500 grams lentils
100 grams bacon or salted pork
2 slices whole wheat bread
2 slices white bread
100 ml milk
200 grams lean ground beef
1 small leek
2 large onions
6 carrots
3 potatoes
2 parsley with roots salt, pepper and nutmeg
bread crumbs
20 grams margarine
1 bay leaf mace
1/2 chili pepper

Rinse the lentils and wash them thoroughly. Put the bay leaf, chili pepper and mace in a piece of linen cloth and tie it shut for a bouquet garni. Cube the bacon/pork and fry it slowly in a large pan. Cube the whole wheat bread, slice the carrots and leek into thin rings, peel and dice the potatoes. Cut off, but keep the top of the parsley, wash the roots thoroughly and add bread, carrots, potatoes and parsley roots to the frying bacon.

Sautee the vegetables with the bacon and add the lentils and 200 ml slated water. Drop in the bouquet garni and cook the mix for 1 hour. Cut off the crusts of the white bread and soak the remainder in milk. Squeeze out the milk and mix the bread through the ground beef, together with some salt, pepper and nutmeg. Divide the ground beef into quarter-sized balls and roll those through the (fine) bread crumbs. In a frying pan, heat the margarine and fry the ground beef balls. Take them out and drain them on absorbent paper. Finely chop the parsley.