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Holland van Texel tot Tiengemeten Holland van Texel tot Tiengemeten

by Slager, Kees & Uittenbogaard, Theo

The Dutch shaped their landscape, a story waiting to be told. Reason enough to explore it. The authors of this book devoted nearly a month to a trek from island to island, from Texel in the northwest to Tiengemeten, an isolated Zeeland island south of Rotterdam. Their specific objective was to "read" the landscape of Holland, which, they conclude, has been extensively reshaped by human intervention. Along the way they interacted with nature preservers, local historians, public relations spokesmen, and even regulars at local cafes, making this surprising book very interesting. Anyone wanting to study their roots in the Netherlands and wanting to (re)discover their homeland will want this one book to learn how to "read" Dutch landscape and more.

Paperback, 192 pages, illustrated, bibliography, Dutch languages, special import

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