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No Return Flight No Return Flight

13 Platoon at Arnhem 1944

by Walburgh Schmidt, Haks

This book tells the story of the search for the men aboard a huge Horsa glider that sailed into the Battle at Arnhem on September 18, 1944. In the early phase of the battle the pilots of the British engineless plane wished their passengers well in their race for the Arnhem bridges, probably never to see them again. Fifty-four years later, one of the pilots, Sergeant Morley 'Taffy' Williams, while visiting the Netherlands for the annual commemorations of the battle, expressed his hope to the author, a Dutch journalist, to still find out one day how the 'passengers' of that fateful flight to Arnhem made out. Together they started a search for them. Over six years later, this investigation resulted in a moving personal story of the Battle at Arnhem. The stories of the “airborne” provide the reader a surprising and gripping view on the events. As a consequence of this search, the pilot was able to renew personal contacts with several of his passengers and their relatives. It also rekindled the search for some of Morley's passengers who are still unaccounted for.

Paperback, 260 pages, WWII, Illustrated, Special import.

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