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Letters Written in Good Faith Letters Written in Good Faith

The Early Years of the Dutch Norbertines in Wisconsin

by Lagerwey, Dr. Walter

A Dutch Roman Catholic missionary to Wisconsin Indians on furlough in the Netherlands, returned to work in 1848 with in tow a large group of mostly Brabant immigrants. These immigrants settled in Little Chute, in the Green Bay area, and were joined by many others in the following decades. In 1893, the Norbertine brothers of the Berne Abbey in Heeswijk were asked to assume responsibility for the spiritual needs of nearby Walloon and French immigrants. This request further cemented ties between Brabant and Wisconsin, in 1898 resulting in Dutch priests establishing an abbey in the ‘primitive’ forests of the American midwest. This (first) volume covers the initial period of 1893 to 1902. A US$32.95 value. NOW on sale!

Paperback, 547 pages, Supply now limited

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