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Katharina, Katharina Katharina, Katharina

The story of Katharina Schütz Zell

by Farenhorst, Christine

The book’s main character Katharina Schütz is a young woman growing up in sixteenth-century Strasbourg. Immersed in the mystique and works-righteousness of medieval Catholicism, Katharina’s life is one of curiosity, mischief, sorrow, fear of purgatory, indulgences and all the struggles of a regular teen in a busy home, full of siblings and daily challenges. Living at the time of Martin Luther, the great church Reformer, the currents of change and gospel light begin to cast their glow into Katharina’s life. Eventually, hungry for a true knowledge of God and a living relationship with him, Katharina discovers that God has mercy on those who seek him. Review: “This is the very best way to learn—Christine Farenhorst uses historical fiction to pair an engaging storyline with an instructive setting. So yes, the day-to-day details of life among the Schütz family in sixteenth-century Strasbourg are made up (though based on good research) but all the big events in the story are entirely factual…and highly relevant for our day. So even as Luther never makes an appearance, he looms large, and in a very real way this is a Luther biography. I absolutely loved it.” - Jon Dykstra, editor of the Christian periodical Reformed Perspective

Paperback, 330 pages, glossary of 16th century (foreign) words and concepts, bibliography, epilogue.

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