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Hand of Vengeance Hand of Vengeance

by Bond, Douglas

Cynwulf, shunned for being part Viking and part Saxon, lives beneath a beached Viking ship on the outskirts of the Anglo-Saxon community surrounding Tildric Hall. Life is hard enough for him as a half-breed misfit—until the fateful day his battleaxe is found in a dead man's skull. Charged with murder and facing the sword of Anglo-Saxon justice, Cynwulf's longings and dreams now hang in the balance—and so does his life. The Heroes & History series takes you on epic journeys through turbulent times in history. Douglas Bond gives flesh and blood to heroes as they face war, intrigue, betrayal, loss—and triumph. Endorsements "What could be better than an intriguing mystery, a little romance, and a short sojourn to a place and time that’s little known and less understood? Douglas Bond shines a light on the past in a way that’s as entertaining as it is informative." —Janie B. Sheaney, Senior Writer, WORLD Magazine; Blogger at

Paperback, 192 pages, Glossary of Terms, Timeline

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