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S.O.S. S.O.S.

by Norel, K.

A native of Terschelling, a Dutch North Sea island, the boy Dirk dreams of going to sea as his father, a merchant mariner, has done before him. When he finishes grade school, Dirk signs on as bottle washer aboard the Sea Dog, his uncle’s tugboat. Finding the job not to his liking, especially when everyone teases him unmercifully, he wonders whether he’s made the right choice. His gutsy perseverance however, sees him through queasy hours, and he finds his sea legs at last. Even then, the legendary appeal of the sea and the minds of the men around him will have much to teach him about himself....

Paperback, 188 pages, ISBN: 0-88815-876-9 Vanderheide owns Paideia Press's inventory of this title and welcomes inquiries from wholesalers and resellers.

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