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Dirk's Dog Bello Dirk's Dog Bello

by DeJong, Meindert

The stormy day an English ship broke up in the terrible waters of Wicked Wife, Dirk rescued a Great Dane, Bello. After that, by the law of the sea, the giant dog belonged to him. Wildly happy at first the boy was suddenly faced with the enormous problem of how to feed Bello-for Dirk's mother was unable to do more than provide for her little family. Dirk's desperate struggles, pathetic and amusing by turns, are the core of this book. However, this is not merely the story of Dirk and Bello, but also of a little village in the Netherlands. It is a picture of Wierum itself, the sky, the sea, the dikes, the village characters-of Aage the Roamer, of Old Ott and her endless prophecies, of the children, the school master, Sipke the village simpleton who played such strange wild music on his accordion, of vast Dikke Trien, and of Mighty Pier. The village is also the birthplace of Meindert de Jong, who was an award-winning American author. A rare and moving book, full of humour and reality. Ages 10 up.

Paperback, 312 pages, Illustrated.

USD 9.95 / CAD 12.95

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