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Four Years till Tomorrow Four Years till Tomorrow

Despair and Hope in Wartime Dutch East Indies

by Tromp, Sheri

The surrender of the Japanese in South East Asia on August 15th, 1945 was for Dutch civilian camp internees only the beginning of yet another period of upheaval, hostilities and persecution. Many of the camp survivors never did see liberation, and for those who were "liberated" survival was not so certain once again. It was an extremely chaotic time, with control of the country changing hands frequently. Especially the Japanese camp survivors bore the brunt of out-of-control nationalistic fervor. For many people, the only hope was that tomorrow peace and freedom would be restored. Twenty six eyewitnesses* - mostly members of the Canada-based August 15th 1945 Foundation, many of them children at the time - lived to write about their experiences in the book Four Years till Tomorrow, Despair and Hope in Wartime Dutch East Indies. An ideal volume to introduce the next generation to an episode in history which cannot be - and should not be - forgotten.

*The contributors are as follows:

Michael J. Van Reijsen, Elly Soeters Campioni, John Franken, Sheri Geertje Weygers Tromp, An Fris, Laverne Boulogne Van Ryk, Miriam Zwaan van Veen, Madelon Schouten, Annie Rademaker, Marius van Dijk van Nooten, Alice Boulogne, Lodewyk Jan Weygers, Geertruida van Leenhoff Weygers, Quirine (Tatie) Kruys, Henri Hymans, Joachim Bob Hurwitz, Robert Schultz, Emelia de Visser, Letty den Ouden, Gerry Piet Kockx, Sylvia Aart de Jong Klootwijk, Gerard Mobach, Bart van Nooten, and Leny Mulder Laven.

Paperback, 204 pages, Full colour artistic cover, illustrated, glossary, bibliography, Biographical Sketches of the contributors. A Vanderheide publication, ideal for reunions, remembrances and fundraising. ISBN 1-895815-04-5.

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