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Holland and the Hollanders Holland and the Hollanders

Nature and Nostalgia

by De Boer, Dirk M., Photographer

Exquisite nature scenery, architecture and daily life photographs, all full colour, that reveal the stunning landscapes and cultural variety of the Netherlands. The photographer who himself obviously is fascinated with his subjects, provides the evidence that the densely populated country still has many quiet and unspoiled spots. The superb photography shows the country (Nature in Part I) and people at work or play (the 'Hollanders' in Part II). From crossing tidal flats, operating a windmill, mending fishing nets, tending market stalls, smoking eel, or simply getting around on a bicycle, the varied images each tell their own stories. The easy-to-read text creates framework and further depth. This book also is for armchair travelers who demand more than a series of pictures with one-line captions.

Hardcover, 192 pages, With jacket, over 440 photographs, coffee table format, special import.

USD 37.95 / CAD 44.95

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