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Pillar Church in the Van Raalte Era Pillar Church in the Van Raalte Era

by De Vries, Michael and Boonstra, Harry

Immigration is often a story of trials and triumphs. Leaving one's country of birth and family, and all that is dear and familiar is painful. Trying to build a new future in a new land, getting adjusted to its strange customs and language is traumatic. But eventually most immigrants triumph over these difficulties. This book tells the extra-ordinary story of people who emigrated from the Netherlands in 1847 and the following decades. They settled in the dense forests of western Michigan in and near what is now the city of Holland. The initial period was very extracting for these forerunners, with numerous trials and some 'victories'. The institution of a church with Rev. A.C. Van Raalte as minister and civic leader was an integral part of this experience. Van Raalte was pastor and shepherd who not just tended to spiritual welfare but also gave physical care. This account of Holland's first reformed church, commonly known as the Pillar Church, and its 'dominee' is a fascinating story. Faith helped them overcome their trials and challenges. Their struggles should interest all those who came a century later and were aided by the descendents of Van Raalte's group.

Paperback, 155 pages, illustrated, notes, bibliography

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