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The Lion of Modderspruit The Lion of Modderspruit

Volume 1

by Penning, Lawrence

A historical novel about the Boers in South Africa. The author in his plot interweaves love, pathos, and loyalty. The conflict with the English not only involves the struggle to maintain the Boers’ independence (to which the British had agreed in 1881) but also has a deep religious significance. Louis Wessels, eldest son of a well-established Transvaal family, is betrothed to Truida, a Boer maiden living in the British colony of Natal, where she had been educated in British-governed schools. When England troops invade the independent Boer colony of the Orange Free State, the two lovers are confronted by more than a political conflict - two loyal hearts separated by loyalty to conflicting causes. The horrors of the war drag both Louis and Truida through heights of joy and depths of despair. How can these two hearts, beating strongly for each other but also strongly for their separate causes, ever be reconciled? On which side is justice to be found? Age 11 and up.

Paperback, 142 pages, Illustrated Part of the Louis Wessels Boer War Package

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