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De Sinterklaas Razzia van 1944 De Sinterklaas Razzia van 1944

by Verkijk, Dick

Massive manhunts mark the latter period of the five-year German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII (1940.05-1945.05). The men were needed, so the generally accepted explanation goes, to fill labour shortages in various sectors and industries in Germany. The author who reviewed German documents from 1944 and early 1945, found instead that a significant factor for the Germans was the removal from the country of those men who could become a threat in the case of an Allied invasion. Also documented is the debate among German authorities about holding such manhunts, which started in the cities Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem, which expanded from there. He then follows the trail to the camps were the Haarlem men were incarcerated for forced labour. Their plight in the German make-shift camp was nothing short of deprivation and starvation. Dutch-Canadian illustrator Anton Akkerman supplied the author, a U.S. resident, with many fine sketches, which detail the deplorable conditions in the slave labour camps.

Paperback, 302 pages, Illustrations, maps, lists of casualties from Apeldoorn, Delft, Enschede, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam 'razzias,' index, special import, Dutch language

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