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Scout - The Secret of the Swamp Scout - The Secret of the Swamp

Volume 1

by Prins, Piet

Tom and his chum Carl and Scout, finds them self caught up in the events of World War Two. A youthful adventurer, Tom repeatedly is forced to rely on his clever dog Scout. As the Allied forces approach Tomís hometown, he and Carl overhear German soldiers talk about a very important plan. At once they decide to warn the Allies but the only way to reach is by a dangerous trail through the swamp. The journey put Scout's talents and Tom's courage and endurance to the ultimate test. When they reach the neighbouring town, they head straight to the Allied command to tell them the Germans plan. As dawn breaks, Tom guides the Allies via the trail to his hometown. Will they thwart the German plan?

Paperback, 145 pages, Illustrated, (publisherís catalogue not included in page count). See also the Scout Package Offer.

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