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Over Zee- en Hollanders Over Zee- en Hollanders

Het succesverhaal van Nederlandse emigranten in West-Michigan

by Janssen, Gert; Maas, Cees; and Viergever, Frank

“Your ancestors had a very hard job to do, but how well they did it.” Dutch Princess Margriet summed it all up when she attended the 150th anniversary of the Dutch colonies in Michigan, in October 1997. This book by Dutch authors surveys life in the Western Michigan Dutch communities of Holland and Zeeland, lifting the veil so to speak to allow overseas readers an appetite-whetting introduction. Contemporary impressions intermingle with thumbnail sketches of history, old snapshots with full colour photographs, and more.

Hardcover, 152 pages, Richly illustrated. Special import, Dutch language.

USD 9.95 / CAD 12.95

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