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Ordening van dienst Ordening van dienst

Achtergronden van en ontwikkelingen in de eredienst van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland

by De Jong, K.W.

The author in his exhaustive dissertation charts the background of and the changes in the worship services in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (GKNs), since 2004 part of the Protestant Church (PKN). The sermon was and is an important part of the worship service. The author demonstrates that throughout their history the churches regularly paid attention to the liturgy, to both the form and the substance. He looks at questions such as who regulate the worship services, the theological contemplation of the liturgy and the synodical involvement. In his research, the author also surveyed the writings by theologians A. Kuyper and K. Dijk, and many others, including those who advocated significant changes towards contemporary innovations.

Paperback, 437 pages, Developmental comparisons, bibliography, indexes, Dutch language. Special import.

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