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Archangel Archangel

Nederlandse ondernemers in Rusland, 1550-1785

by Veluwenkamp, Jan Willem

Dutch traders (and their families) could be found in numerous places, from Japan to Ceylon, and from Thailand to Turkey, and from Nieu Amsterdam (later New York) to Archangel in Russia as well as in England, various Mediterranean and Baltic harbours and Africa. The authorís exhaustive research (including Russian archives) shows these traders covered vast distances in pursuit of profitable deals, and how seventeenth-century Dutch merchants, for instance, then already had Russian products bypassing Amsterdam straight to Italian markets. The book also sheds plenty of light on how trading houses passed hands from generation to generation, the extent of reliance on family connections, the deal making with the Czar, the attempts to minimize losses and the shifts in commodities and markets. The book also surveys the social aspects of life in such places as Moscow where the Dutch often played a crucial role in the political emergence of Russia on Europeís stage, an amazing story. This is a must-have book for anyone whose ancestors belonged to the Amsterdam merchant class and for those wanting to know more about the backdrop of the seventeenth-century Golden Age in the Netherlands.

Paperback, 271 pages, Illustrations, bibliography, maps, genealogical charts, index, Dutch language. Special import.

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