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The Beggars' Victory The Beggars' Victory

Volume 3

by Prins, Piet

A sequel to Dispelling the Tyranny and When the Morning Came. The author continues with the story of young Martin Meulenberg who with his parents has fled persecution in the Netherlands by the Spanish and their accomplices. Living as refugees in northwest Germany, Martin obtained permission to join the Sea Beggars (the famed Dutch ragtag fleet manned by men on the run from the Spanish occupation) and now is part of a very bold plan to drive the occupiers from a coastal town and polder… Martin’s home. Following the victorious invasion, Martin goes to their abandoned farm which meanwhile has a new owner, a very disliked and ruthless man known to spy out adherents of the ‘new’ faith. What now?

Paperback, 173 pages, Illustrated. Part of The Freedom Series

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