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The Shadow Series The Shadow Series

Five volumes

by Prins, Piet

One of the most exciting series by a master story teller, about the emotional time of the German occupation of the Netherlands during the WWII (1940-1945). The setting is typically Dutch. The windmill towers over a Dutch polder but inside it the situation is not so serene: the miller's family wrestle with death and treachery, innocent children play adult games of secrecy and intrigue, and hapless refugees are hounded from place to place by merciless enemies. The Resistance, alert and dedicated, faces a brutal and deadly Nazi regime. The stakes are high, such a freedom of conscience, of religion and political independence. When the Allied invasion of continental Europe occurs, hope is raised for restoration but trouble intensify as a 'double agent' discovers a secret hideout in the swamp. Where will they go now? Ages 10 and up. What about giving the series as birthday presents? Titles include The Lonely Sentinel, Hideout in the Swamp, The Grim Reaper, The Partisans, and Sabotage.

Paperback, 643 pages, Illustrated, each about 128 pages

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