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Ereveld van IndiŽ en Nieuw-Guinea, Opgedragen aan ruim 5300 slachtoffers

by Kooistra, Jack

Literally, a bound Monument to the Fallen of the Dutch East Indies (1945-1962). The post-WWII armed conflict in the Dutch East Indies with the independence movement, in many ways a guerilla war, extracted over 5,300 casualties from the Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL), the Royal Army (KL) and the Royal Marines (KM). Dozens of others succumbed from their injuries and illnesses after the troops (about 112,000) were repatriated to the Netherlands, where they were decommissioned following the independence of Indonesia. For many soldiers the arrival home was anti-climatic and reintegration in Dutch society problematic. Following a historical setting and army information, the book alphabetically lists each soldier (starting with Gerrit van Aalderen and ending with Jan Zwart). As a minimum each entry is accompanied with basic information such as place and date of birth and death, rank and unit, burial site, plus frequently with additional information on the nature of the casualty. As an example, the author relates that furniture maker Bernardus Abma, who died on December 16, 1946, in Batavia, is listed on Leeuwardenís IndiŽ monument since September 28, 1993. The 7 December Division member was engaged (name of fiancť is listed as well) and died of an illness. Also buried at a Java ereveld is Peter Hermannus Peulen who on March 28 1949 died along with Klaas Aartsma when attacked by the enemy. The author also identifies the monuments and their location which now honour the memory of the fallen.

Hardcover, 800 pages, With jacket, illustrated, historical setting with details of the more than 5300 Fallen soldiers

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