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Traag door oneindig laagland Traag door oneindig laagland

De mooiste gedichten over rivieren & dijken

by Verzameld door Van den Berg, Rien en Goedbloed, Liesbeth

Much has been written about Dutch rivers and their dikes. Throughout Dutch history rivers have been both a lifeline and a destroyer, a friend and a foe, a vast opportunity and a huge danger. People living in the flatlands near the rivers feel best when solid dikes channel off any excess water. Rivers dominate Dutch landscapes and are constantly present in the consciousness of the Dutch. It should not surprise anyone that Dutch poets extol a range of aspects concerning these meandering ribbons in Dutch landscapes, including Hendrik Marsman's famed Herinnering aan Holland. This book has a selection of over forty such defining poems, illustrated with equally defining photographs.

Hardcover, 72 pages, With 14 supporting photographs, index and sources, Dutch text, special import.

USD 9.95 / CAD 14.95

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