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For the Heart of Holland For the Heart of Holland

Volume 4

by Prins, Piet

Spanish General Valdez had cordoned Leiden off with his troops. Rather than attack the city, he used a different tactic to do the work for him: starvation. When the food rations ran out, black death wreaked death and sickness upon Leidenís people. Among them was Elisabeth Govaerts, who found it increasingly difficult to provide meals for her father and her brother as well as their familyís lodger Boudewyn. Things looked up when her friend Martin Meulenberg managed to slip through the Spanish lines to bring food. However, with the cause of the Sea Beggars pressing him, Martin returned to his base with reports of people starving of hunger. When would the hoped-for rescue by the Prince of Orange come? With the dykes cut, why was the water not rising and why were the Sea Beggars not coming? The author takes his readers through a very real story that is still being remembered today.

Paperback, 62 pages, Illustrated, fiction, ages 10 and up. Part of The Freedom Series

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