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The Colonist of Southwest Africa	The Colonist of Southwest Africa

Volume 5

by Penning, Lawrence

After three years of fighting, the bloody Boer War was nearing its bitter end. Even though the Boer armies seemed defeated by the superior British armed forces, many Boer commandos refused to give up and continued to strike at the English military. The enemy’s retaliation was horrible. Systematically, the ‘rooineks’ combed the countryside: farms were destroyed and the women and children were taken into captivity and sent to concentration camps. Malnourished, neglected, and ravaged by a contagious fever, thousands died in those English camps. Commando Louis Wessels planned a rescue, but was escape still possible with traitors abounding, and capture an imminent reality?... And what about the dire warnings of the chaplain who condemned England’s insults and the scorn heaped on the Boer entreaties for help and who urged his fellow Christians to admit that “we and our fathers - we have sinned grievously!… We have served alien gods and now the Lord is visiting us with His scourge.” This fifth volume is the final one in the popular Louis Wessels Commando series.

Paperback, 144 pages, Part of the Louis Wessels Boer War Package

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