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The Kings Service The Kings Service

A Story of the Thirty Years’ War

by Alcock, Deborah

The author of this historical novel has delicately woven a tapestry of events surrounding the Thirty Year War in which King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden gives his life for the Protestant cause. Amidst the ravages of war, there are two motherless children, Jeanie and Hugh, having been cared for by their Uncle Charlie since their father joined the army. Uncle Charlie, a restless bachelor, chooses to leave much of Jeanie and Hugh’s upbringing to the local Presbyterian minister. When Uncle Charlie decides to join the King Gustavus Adolphus army in Germany, Hugh wants to go along, while Jeanie follows in the company of the wife of a Captain Stuart. In Germany, Jeanie wonders what has made Uncle Charlie so sad, and why Hugh receives a Roman Catholic priest. And what does Junker August von Lubeling, a page of Gustavus Adolphus, know about the reports of the King’s dying hours? The Reformation Trail Series, with a timeline of 1630-1632.

Paperback, 183 pages, Illustrated

USD 9.95 / CAD 11.95

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