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In His Milieu In His Milieu

Essays on Netherlandish Art in Memory of John Michael Montias

by Golahny, Amy, Mochizuki, Mia, Vergara, Lisa, Editors

Published in memory of Paris-born U.S. economist and Dutch art historian John Michael Montias (1928-2005), this book consists of significant number of excellent essays by experts in their field, each examining a specific subject involving Dutch art. This diverse collection is a treasure trove of facts, philosophical viewpoints, knowledge and history of all aspects of a huge and diverse Dutch arts and crafts heritage:
- Two Forms of Knowledge: Invention and Production in Thomas de Keyser's Portrait of a Young Silversmith, Sijmon Valckenaer by Ann Jensen Adams;
- The Case of Han van Meegeren's Fake Vermeer Supper at Emmaus Reconsidered, Albert Blankert;
- Prices of Northern Netherlandish Paintings in the Seventeenth Century, Marion Boers-Goosens;
- The Mysterious Landscape Painter Govert Janszn called Mijnheer (1577-c. 1619), Marten Jan Bok and Sebastien Dudok van Heel;
- Jacob Ochtervelt's Rotterdam Patron, Alan Chong; Did Rembrandt Travel to England?, Paul Crenshaw;
- The Antwerp-Mechelen Production and Export Complex, Neil de Marchi and Hans J. van Miegroet;
- Thoughts on the Market for Rembrandt's Portrait etchings, Stephanie S. Dickey;
- If the Show Fits: Courtship, Sex, and Society in an Unusual Painting by Gonzales Coques, Wayne Franits;
- A Sophonisba by Pieter Lastman?, Amy Golahny;
- Poelenburch's Garden: Art, Flowers, Networks, and Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century Holland, Anne Goldgar;
- Tournai's Renaissance Jubé: Art as Instrument of Empowerment, Ethan Matt Kavaler;
- Vermeer and His Thematic Use of Perspective, Yoriko Kobayashi-Sato;
- The Fact in the Landscape: A Puzzling Print by Matthäus Merian the Elder, Susan Donahue Kuretsky;
- Murant and His Milieu: A Biography of Emanuel Murant, the "Rustic Forerunner" of Jan van der Heyden, Walter Liedtke with archival research by Piet Bakker;
- Rubens as a Teacher: "He may teach his art to his students and others to his liking", Anne-Marie Logan;
- Abraham van Dijck (1635?-1680), a Dordrecht Painter in the Shadow of Rembrandt, John Loughman;
- Joachim/Peter Wtewael, Father/Son, Master/Pupil, Anne W. Lowenthal;
- At Home with the Ten Commandments: Domestic Text Paintings in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam, Mia M. Mochizuki;
- The Transfer and Reception of Dutch Art in the Baltic Area during the Eighteenth Century: The Case of the Hamburg Dealer Gerhard Morrell, Michael North;
- Sleeping Caps, City Views, and State Funerals: Privileges for Prints in the Dutch Republic, 1593-1650, Nadine M. Orenstein;
- Piety and Splendor: The Art Collection of Antwerp Burgomaster Adriaan Hertsen, Natasja Peeters and Maximiliaan P.J. Martens;
- Pictorial Archives: "Jordaans" in Delft, Michiel C. Plomp;
- Visiting Vermeer: Performing Civility, Herman Roodenburg;
- The Montias Database: Inventories of Amsterdam Art Collections, Louisa Wood Ruby;
- Some Questions Concerning Inventory Research, Gary Schwartz;
- Marketing the Dutch Past: The Lucas van Leyden Revival around 1600, Larry Silver;
- "Les regards dards": Werner van den Valckert's Venus and Cupid, Eric Jan Sluijter;
- The School of Cornelis van Poelenburch, Nicolette C. Sluijter-Seijffert;
- From Art to Politics: The Paintings of Jean de Warignies, Lord of Blainville (c. 1581-1628), Mickaël Szanto;
- Van Eyck Out of Focus, Christopher S. Wood;
- Landscape’s Pleasures: The Gifted Drawing in the Seventeenth Century, Michael Zell;

Paperback, 640 pages, Over 100 illustrations

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