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Het drama van 1918 Het drama van 1918

Over de Spaanse griep en de zoektocht naar virus en vaccin.

by Mecking, Eric

Will the Ebola virus become a repeat of the tragedy of 1918? What do you know about that 'drama'? Here is more about this book: The Spanish flu of 1918 has been described as the greatest human catastrophe ever. World War I had already claimed the lives of 10 million soldiers and 5 million civilians, but these numbers dwarfed when compared to the flu pandemic, which over a period of 2 years killed about 50 million people worldwide. Little is known today about this mass killer, yet many people have family members that succumbed to it. The author describes in an engaging manner with many examples how the pandemic affected Dutch society and shows how the war and the flu ran into each other. While the Netherlands (barely) remained neutral in the conflict, it suffered shortages of every kind, including food. The author shows too that the government was inadequately prepared for the flu pandemic.

Paperback, 221 pages, Illustrations, Dutch language, limited supply, special import

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