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The Battle of Seattle The Battle of Seattle

by Bond, Douglas

“There’s miles between us and the fort, miles of wild country filled with Indians eager to cut our throats.” It’s 1855, and tensions in the Pacific Northwest between white settlers and native tribes have led to scores of deaths on both sides. As all-out war seems inevitable, young William Tidd, an express rider for the militia, joins Charles Eaton’s Rangers on a mission to hunt down Chief Leschi of the Nisqually. If they can stop him, they may be able to end the bloodshed before it escalates further, but it soon becomes clear that not everyone wants peace with the enemy. Through skirmishes, raids, close calls, and betrayal—William’s assumptions, beliefs, courage, and friendships will all be challenged in a few breakneck weeks. Endorsements “Bond’s latest historical novel is a compelling and indispensable addition to a lesser-known chapter in American history. Bond’s fresh and engaging portrayal of the tragic clash of cultures in the Puget Sound Indian Wars of 1855–56 not only confronts today’s cultural and racial tensions but also provides hope for the future. Essential reading for every student of American history.” —Larry Faulk, Former Washington State Senator “Readers won’t even realize they are learning true history—wonderful for young adults, truly for any age. . . . Delightful book, difficult to put down.” —Patricia Ryan, Public Librarian

Paperback, 312 pages, Glossary of Terms, Timeline

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